TEMCO Ship Loading Rain Shield - Tacoma, WA

To address decreased productivity during heavy rainfall, VAA designed an innovative cantilevered roof to protect ships at TEMCO's loading facility

Rainfall was causing TEMCO’s Port of Portland ship loading facility to be disrupted one month a year crippling production. VAA analyzed the issue determining a cantilevered roof over the ships could be constructed without the need for new foundations - an important feature in an area extremely sensitive to environmental disruptions. The slipformed, reinforced silo structure and the heavily piled dock provided the residual carrying capacity to support a roof nearly 9/10 of an acre in size.

Our Approach

During the concept development phase, a 3D model illustrated the appearance of the roof from the vantage point of residents above the terminal and from the dockside area. High wind, moderate seismic loads and ice accumulation were major structural design considerations.


The final structure, designed by VAA, consists of tapered trusses with 150-foot cantilevers. VAA’s innovative design accommodated detailed structure segments of the existing facility and equipment. It also provided vertical clearance between the ship cranes and the grain loading booms.

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