Malt Facility Expansion - Co & De

Two facilities support one client’s vision for malt processing across the country

As a result of the boom in the craft brewing industry, breweries across the nation are taking advantage of the trend and expanding their efforts in malt consumption. Opening two new facilities in the United States, Proximity Malt contracted a design-build contractor who partnered with VAA provide multidiscipline engineering and architectural services for these pale and specialty malt production facilities.

Our Approach

Starting the process in Colorado, VAA provided the designs and facility layout for grain receiving; malt production systems; storage and loadout; and roasting, bagging and tote filling. With half of the site situated in the Rio Grande River floodplain, the facility design needed to adhere to FEMA guidelines. This impacted the design of all site foundations and involved additional design approvals. The design for the Delaware facility included similar services for its malt production systems.

Both facility designs were complicated by the size and location of existing structures. Built on sites previously used for other industrial processing and storage, the VAA team repurposed the existing structures into their design to enhance the new facility layout. As an additional challenge, the new equipment and structures were constructed on a small site footprint.


The design-build team efforts resulted in two facilities each capable of producing 25,000 metric tons of malt per year.