New Feed Mill Design and Build - Menomonie, WI

Designed for optimal safety and efficiency, the feed facility reduces operating costs while maximizing product quality

Building a new feed mill in Wisconsin allowed Countryside Cooperative to consolidate operations from nine outdated plants into two sites. Designed to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, the new facility allows the co-op to offer consistent, high-quality swine and dairy feed with cost savings to the farmers it serves.

New Feed Mill Design

Our Approach to the Feed Mill Design and Build

The co-op selected SMA, LLC as general contractor who retained VAA to provide structural engineering and industrial architecture due to the firm’s extensive experience designing feed mills.

VAA’s industrial architecture team designed the life safety, fire suppression and egress systems to meet stringent state and local regulations and ensure optimal safety for mill employees. With substantial experience in the permitting and approval processes, VAA provided valuable guidance to SMA while working with state authorities to confirm compliance with applicable regulations.

The facility was separated into three distinct fire suppression areas – bulk feed loadout, warehouse and milling – allowing the mill to safely contain any potential fire event within a certain area while avoiding the costly expense of sprinkling the entire facility. Using REVIT, VAA’s structural design included reinforced concrete receiving tunnels, building foundations, the structural steel bin support structures and over 40 customized ingredient storage bins with a total capacity of 1,850 tons.

Results From the New Feed Mill Design

The new mill includes 100,000 bushels of whole corn storage and features four production lines: a main batching line, a mineral mix line, a pelleted feed line and a flaking line to create specialty flaked corn feed for dairy calves and cows allowing them to more efficiently use starch for energy. The finished facility can produce 250,000 tons / year of feed and includes space for the addition of a second pellet line in the future.

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