Animal Nutrition Production Facility - Aurora, SD

The new facility incorporates a first-of-a-kind animal nutrition processing system

The first of its kind animal nutrition production facility creates two branded products through a patented production process. In-bound feedstock are received at the facility by truck or rail and put through a grinding, extraction and pelletizing process to create a highly digestible protein for the dairy market and a renewable oil used in animal feed.

Our Approach

VAA provided multidiscipline balance of plant design on the project, including structural, mechanical and electrical engineering; equipment layout; and industrial architecture. The team offered advice and developed process layouts for the truck and rail receiving / loadout and hammermill / pelleting buildings; MCC room; and day bin, upright pellet and DDGs flat storage.

Two of the most complex structures on site housed the receiving and pelleting processes; each building bears substantial equipment loads. The receiving process uses a hardcar unloader, a large piece of equipment used to break up and unload DDGs from a rail car. The hammermill / pelleting building, containing three full pellet lines, was designed to support over 200,000 lbs of equipment. The team also designed a compact conveying system throughout the site as a cost saving measure and to make the transfer between processing systems more efficient.


The new facility is capable of loading out 1,250 tons of final product per hour and will serve clients nationwide.