North Dakota “G” Mill Expansion - Grand Forks, ND

The expansion makes the state-owned North Dakota Mill the largest single wheat milling site in the U.S.

VAA provided general arrangement, structural engineering, industrial architecture and bid document preparation services for the state-owned North Dakota Mill & Elevator "G" Mill Expansion. The new mill building is a 70,200 SF slipform concrete building that has a milling capacity of 7.5 million bushels annually. Past projects included several building upgrades (A-B and C), a rail loadout addition, a cleaning and tempering building and a new “G” mill building. The new mill building increases the opportunity for North Dakota farmers to locally process grain.

Our Approach

The North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association needed to expand its Grand Forks facility to meet local grain processing demands and expanding customer base. A key to VAA’s design services was how the new mill building would integrate with the existing seven milling units, terminal elevator and packing warehouse and the emphasis on sanitary design standards. Minimizing disruption to flour mill production during construction was also critical. VAA acted as the owner’s engineer in preparing documents for public bidding.

Special care was given to the architectural design of the building to create a similar appearance to the existing facility. The mill is insulated to eliminate the possibility of condensation on the inside of the bins which can dampen the flour and create contamination. Careful structural attention was given to the aerial bridge connecting the two structures at the top for access, life safety code compliance and durability.


VAA continues to provide agribusiness consulting services to the North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association. As a result of the team's effort, the state-owned North Dakota Mill is the largest single milling site in the United States. The “G” Mill Expansion was also recognized as a Gold Star Project in the Commercial Category by the ND Ready Mix & Concrete Product Association, a designation awarded to “industry partners who have demonstrated excellence and overall dedication.”