Cargill Animal Nutrition Slipform Feed Mill - Casa Grande, AZ

Feed mill includes a new 8,000 SF warehouse for bagged finished feeds.

VAA provided general arrangement and structural design services for a 200,000 tons-per-year feed mill complex owned by Cargill Animal Nutrition. After acquiring an existing feed mill operation, Cargill made the decision to replace the main portion of the mill with a new slipform mill tower, built adjacent to the existing complex. The full-line feed mill includes cattle, poultry, dairy, hog and bird feed. Full-line feed mills are more complicated due to the varying grains – clean grains and seeds are used for birds while texturized feeds with molasses and oils are used horses and dairy.

Our Approach

VAA laid out concepts – including general arrangement drawings – for Cargill to solicit design-build proposals for the new feed mill. Due to strict permitting in Arizona, VAA performed a thorough life safety code analysis of the entire existing facility. New rail receiving, a tie into an existing truck receiving area and an architectural site plan were incorporated into the project. VAA worked with the general contractor to produce final design general arrangement and structural design drawings.

The large basement required extensive analysis by the structural team to withstand backfill pressures. A custom design was also developed in the basement portion of the slipform wall to accommodate loads of a future loadout bin addition. Five different roof levels and multiple bin bottom levels also created challenges in the slip design.


VAA completed the final set of documents for the permit process, creating a total of 51 general arrangement sheets, which included 14 architectural sheets for compliance with life safety code requirements and 125 structural sheets. VAA showcased its teaming abilities through its different disciplines by successfully completing a project of this magnitude.

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