CHS Inc. Facility Expansion - French, MN

Facility expansion allowed storage of an additional 3.8 million bushels of grain.

VAA provided civil engineering services, preliminary general arrangement and foundation design for the expansion of a grain facility owned by CHS Inc. Overall site engineering was important for roads to be able to withstand continuous truck traffic. Developing the most effective route for truck traffic to access the site was a challenge due to the layout of the facility in relation to the building size. In addition, consideration to ground water discharge had to be addressed in order to not impact facility operations. Building elevations were carefully calculated as well to avoid damage to stored commodities.

Our Approach

Due to the firm’s experience working with agriculture companies, VAA had an understanding of project costs and the need to meet tight pro forma. Civil engineers designed site layout to support facility design, deliveries and traffic flow. Stormwater runoff was routed on the site to mitigate soil erosion while optimizing grain delivery and reclamation. VAA also completed bid documents. Once the project was awarded to the contractor, Buresh Building Systems, Inc., VAA provided structural engineering as needed to complete the design.


By maintaining an open line of communication and solving problems quickly, VAA strengthened its relationship with CHS. The project is also an example of VAA’s capabilities to handle small-scale projects effectively. Challenges, particularly with the ground water discharge, helped develop VAA’s process to address these issues and evolve its design standards that have now become standard practice on other CHS projects.

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