Marine Engineering

VAA's long-standing experience with bulk-handling facilities and export terminals helps to inform our structural engineering designs of waterfront structures. At the forefront of the design process, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the facility’s loading / unloading demands, existing conditions and regulatory permitting requirements. VAA is capable of analyzing various facility layouts and equipment options to identify construction advantages and relative costs.

In addition to new facilities, assessing the longevity of existing equipment and structural supports is critical in facility repair decisions. Recognizing the importance of our nation’s network of waterways, VAA’s marine engineering team works to improve the operations and safety of aging facilities.

As a tool that supports both new facilities and existing structure repairs, VAA uses 3D modeling services that incorporates multibeam scans in our models. We strive to provide a clear picture of a project above and below the waterline to ease the design development process. To learn more about our 3D capabilities, watch our videos.

marine engineering for Agribusiness & Industrial

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  • Master planning
    & utilization studies
  • Feasibility studies of waterfront construction types
  • Equipment selection & layout
  • Barge & ship
    loading / unloading
  • Barge / vessel berthing & mooring positioning studies
  • Permitting
  • Barge haul winch & barge cover handling systems
  • Life safety / barge egress
  • Industrial docks, receiving
    & loadout terminals
  • Operational assessment studies