Civil Engineering

Requirements associated with accessing and connecting truck or rail transportation to a processing facility is a strength of the VAA civil engineering team. With licensed professionals in the United States and Canada, VAA understands permitting requirements and work with local and federal / provincial authorities that regulate stormwater. We apply our knowledge to project designs for delivery and loading, utility access, grading and overall site functionality.

For tight site constraints, VAA understands how to support site planning, utilities, future access and routing of trucks, passenger vehicles and deliveries. While focusing on the functionality of your building in relation to the urban or rural environment, we also collaborate with architects and owners to design aesthetic elements to match visual brand.

civil engineering for Agribusiness, Industrial & BUILDINGS

  • Site planning
  • Sanitary & stormwater design
  • Drainage, erosion & sediment control design
  • Roadway design & layout
  • Sustainable design
  • Utility coordination
  • Stormwater management
    (SWPPP & NPDES permitting)
  • Truck simulation
  • Agency coordination
    (i.e. county, state, municipal, watershed districts, port authorities, provinces, etc.)