Canola Crush Processing Facility - Alberta, Canada

Flagship facility for Canadian canola processing

In a relatively short span of time, Canola has become an important world oilseed crop. VAA’s client developed a business plan outlining their interest to construct a state-of-the art, flagship facility central to the growing supply of canola in Alberta. VAA developed site planning to align with the client’s business plan while minimizing local community impacts. Working with the client’s executive design team and plant staff at other facilities across North America, VAA completed full design packages for construction of:

  • A new office/shop/warehouse space
  • Receiving/loadout building
  • Scale building
  • Rail design and arterial and collector roadways
  • Stormwater ponds
  • Pressurized sanitary systems
  • Lift stations
  • Degummed canola oil storage tanks and steel seed storage bins
  • Concrete meal silos
  • Conveyance systems and additional support structures

Our Approach

VAA provided a multi-discipline approach, including industrial architecture, general arrangement material handling as well as civil, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering. The in-house design team collaborated closely with the client to deliver a canola crush processing facility. Site planning was critical as the greenfield site is 2.5 square miles – one of the largest footprints VAA designed. Just a portion of the site was occupied by the plant, including stormwater ponds, spur lines and a rail yard built west and north of the facility.

VAA worked closely with the client to provide supporting documentation necessary to obtain city, county, provincial and environmental approvals for the high profile project in the local community. Throughout the project, VAA used its 3D modeling capabilities to increase efficiency in design by coordinating all disciplines into one model.


The new crush facility is projected to have the capacity to process 850,000 metric tons of canola per year year and can accommodate 80 to 100 trucks daily which could increase as the plant’s capacity expands. The facility will be able to process both conventional and specialty canola seed and enable the client to significantly increase contracting programs in the area.

During construction, VAA provided remote and on-site consultation as needed to solve conflicts and support execution of the contract documents. VAA’s services helped the client achieve goals to provide local farmers a consistent and competitive point of delivery for the continued strong demand for canola oil both locally and globally.