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Kevin Full | PE, LEED AP

Senior Associate / Senior Structural Engineer

"The value we bring to our clients originates from our experience and is delivered through great service and collaborative team efforts.”

Captivation with the physical world – everything from natural to man-made marvels – is a principal motivator in Kevin’s life. As an avid mountain biker and trail runner, he consistently immerses himself in the adventure of the great outdoors. As a Structural Engineer, Kevin’s fervor for engineering and fascination with infrastructure that shapes the world around us has led to his professional achievements and specialization in waterfront structures.

Kevin enjoys finding the “silver bullet” on a project – a simple, realistic solution that effectively meets the client’s needs. This commitment to providing exceptional service is carried through his efforts in VAA’s Agribusiness and Industrial sectors. His work has ranged from grain storage and loadout structures to his more recent experience with export terminal design and waterfront rehabilitation projects. Since his return to VAA in 2015, he has served as a trusted resource for clients as the project lead and in the management of internal teams.

Eager to serve others, Kevin strives to be a catalyst for the growth of his team members. He is continuously seeking out opportunities for each member of the team to excel and achieve their goals.