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K.C. Harris

Associate / Accounting Manager

"I enjoy working with numbers and seeing how the budgeting input my department provides enables VAA staff to focus on technical details. The financial information I provide is used to monitor budgets, track progress and the collection of receivables as it relates to a project.”

K.C. is a true self-starter. At the age of 12 he began teaching himself to play guitar. It’s no surprise that when the opportunity came to manage VAA’s finance department he welcomed the opportunity to make it his own. Since joining VAA in 1997, K.C. has seen the firm grow almost tenfold and his department to a busy staff of three.

Today K.C. leads all things financial from ongoing financial reporting to providing input for long range and project budgeting across the firm. He manages payroll for VAA’s growing staff, oversees all client invoicing, daily business transactions, and international taxes for overseas projects and client work.