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Derek Sachs | PE, LEED AP

Associate / Senior Electrical Engineer

"We are committed to performing at a high level using our project team knowledge and experience to provide personalized service to our clients.”

On most Tuesday nights, you’ll find Derek showcasing his athleticism alongside his bowling league teammates. So, what does bowling have to do with electrical engineering? He is energized in team situations that foster camaraderie and situations to learn on and off the bowling lanes.

Derek’s career includes a gamut of designing low- and medium-voltage power distribution, lighting, grounding and telecommunication systems for feed, flour, grain, fertilizer and ethanol facilities nationwide. He regularly performs Hazardous Classifications Reports (Class I, II, III) to identify areas of concern and provides details to mitigate risk and ensure safe installation of electrical systems and material-handling equipment.

Training and team engagement have been focal points in Derek’s leadership. Developing a supportive team environment, those working with him feel comfortable approaching him with questions. He enjoys helping others grow - from industry updates with code changes to areas where VAA could expand their services in the realm of electrical engineering.