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Dave Johnson | PE

Associate / Senior Structural Engineer

“I remember my high school physics teacher asked ‘if a big kid wants to sit on a teeter totter with a little kid, where must he sit?’ That simple question ignited my drive for geometry, physics and eventually finding answers to increasingly difficult problems in the structural engineering field.”

It’s no surprise Dave has been with VAA for almost 20 years. One hundred percent Finnish ancestry, he grew up in Minnesota’s Iron Range where hard work, integrity and service were valued above everything else. Dave applies those traits to his work at VAA where he focuses on remodel projects in the commercial, industrial and agribusiness sectors.

Widely experienced in the constructability of an array of materials and structures, Dave has developed a reputation for managing difficult projects that demand creativity and problem solving. In fact, he’s become one of VAA’s go to resources to answer questions on difficult framing situations.