VAA Office Olympians Compete for Gold

Recent internal events turned some elite VAA employees into Office Olympians. Using only office supplies, four teams were challenged to demonstrate their skills in multiple team and individual events. Our recent office expansion presented an opportunity to stir up competitive spirit and host events in each space at our Plymouth location.

Teamwork is in our foundation and we recognize this value can take many forms. Encouraging employees to work and play together builds trust in VAA teams and makes for entertaining competition. The 2018 Office Olympic events included:

Desk Chair Sprint
Teammates pushed each other on a desk chair around obstacles

Target Archery
Rubber bands went flying as employees took aim at one of three targets

Chop Chop
Using chopsticks, teammates raced to pile tea, sugar and creamer packets into a bowl

Finger Skating
Employees competed for the fastest and most accurate typing of an email

Marble Challenge
Using a combination of standard office supplies, teams constructed a system for moving a marble across a two-foot distance

Waste Paper Toss
A basketball-style challenge, employees shot scrap paper balls at (and sometime into) a recycling bin