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ACEC Explorer Post - Interactive Processing

As the latest ACEC Explorer Post, over 20 students joined us at our Plymouth, MN office in an exploration of industrial engineering. VAA’s activity created an assembly line that produced two Lego people (complete with tools). Participating as the machines throughout the line, students were asked to alter the process in ways that would improve the quantity and quality of the final product.

Led by industrial engineers who specialize in facility equipment layout, Brian Utoft and Hope Foley came up with this creative demonstration. “Industrial engineering has so many different facets; Hope and I both thought it would be a good idea to show a process similar to what we do here on a daily basis,” Brian recalled. “Once the students got going, they started to talk to each other as a team, to think creatively, to find solutions for the bottlenecks in the process – I think they got a lot out of it."

The Minnesota Chapter of ACEC organizes an annual Explorer Post event hosted by local firms in the consulting engineering community. VAA was proud to participate in this year’s program.

Canstruction Wows By Raising $15,000

Donors generously showed their support surpassing VAA’s $12,000 goal for its “‘Kiss’ Hunger Goodbye” 2016 Canstruction build. As a tribute to the late Minnesota artist, Prince, VAA was inspired by the gathering in his honor earlier this year at First Avenue. Totaling 7,755 cans of food, a time-lapse video captures the build taking shape of First Avenue, the popular Minneapolis music venue, with the Prince “Love Symbol #2” on the back wall. The structure earned the “Juror’s Choice” award in this year’s competition. This is the most the firm raised in a single year, achieving this milestone through internal fundraising events and individual and client donations.

We were honored to participate for the ninth consecutive year in Canstruction and provide over 7,300 pounds of food and $6350 to our neighbors in need. Thank you to all who contributed and special thanks to First Avenue for their support.