• Countryside Cooperative New Feed Mill

    Countryside Cooperative New Feed Mill

  • Minnesota Veterans Home

    Minnesota Veterans Home

  • Great Western Malting Facility Expansion

    Great Western Malting Facility Expansion

  • TEMCO Grain Export Terminal Upgrade

    TEMCO Grain Export Terminal Upgrade

  • Disney Springs The BOATHOUSE®

    Disney Springs The BOATHOUSE®


Experience defines our business. From VAA standards to unique structures in all of our sectors, we strive to create designs that match our business partners' vision.



3D Capabilities

3d Capabilities

Industry Updates

VAA Engineers, Planners and Designers

NFPA 61 & 652: DHA Requirements

Awareness of the hazards affiliated with combustible dust is paramount to design, construct and operate facilities safely.  In 2016, the NFPA introduced the requirement of a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) for new and existing facilities as a fundamental step for safeguarding such facilities. It’s important to begin work now to maintain compliance and keep safety a top priority. Learn more about the changing standards and purpose of a DHA.



Conference Room

Advance Your Career

Want to work in a fast-paced professional environment where your contributions are valued and rewarded? At VAA, you will work side-by-side with people who enjoy what they do and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. While we appreciate and recognize hard work, we provide balance by supporting the overall wellness of our employees with various lifestyle benefits.

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Vision + Values

VAA Values

What Drives VAA?

Our work is fueled by our commitment to our Vision and Values. The nine interchangeable phrases created by the six words of our vision statement not only represents who we are, it embodies our business philosophy and client relationships. This vision aligns with VAA's values - integrity, excellence, service and relationships - that drive VAA. Learn more in the Our Foundation section of our About page.