Engineering, Planning
and Design Services

Multidiscipline Engineering, Planning and Design Services

To understand VAA, consider the values instilled by our founders. Since 1978 when Dick Van Sickle and Chuck Allen started the firm, we have been driven to provide integrity and excellence in our service. As displayed on the home page, our Vision and Values are fundamental in guiding our growth. Collectively, our experience spans North America; we have licensed professionals in the United States and Canada. Our employees range from fresh perspectives to veterans in the industry to support agribusiness, buildings and industrial markets.

To engage VAA as a partner or an employer, reference our client relationships that span several decades. Earning their business was purposeful with an eye toward the future. We continue to serve our diverse clients through our services, including general arrangement / process layout; civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering; rail design; and industrial architecture. Our clients have counted on us for new facilities, commercial buildings, structures, expansions and retrofits, but also for strategic planning, maintenance and process design.

To distinguish VAA from other firms, visit our Minnesota headquarters in the Twin Cities. Its practical industrial design on the outside holds a vibrant interior bustling with engineers, designers and technicians. You will immediately sense the emphasis on people and process. Curved overhead architectural elements and patterned carpets lead visitors through reception to a hive of workspaces and comfortable public areas.

To really see VAA, meet us.